**Workshops are designed to be offered as a 4-6 week series. However, they can be condensed and offered as 1-day workshops as well. Ready for Aprill to lead your next event? Email us at**

From Dormant to Dynamic:  Identifying & Developing Your Gifts

Great gifts are within you! This workshop will assist 13-19 year olds identify their gifts and determine how they’re going to get LIT and Light up their community with their gifts.

She Lives Within:  Combating Self-Esteem and Identity Issues

The girl living within you is a star. A bright, shining, star. No two stars are alike and nothing makes stars more unique than knowing that they’re a star. You’re a star for sure. This workshop is designed to help girls 9-12 understand what self-esteem is and how to build a healthy self-image through self-love and acceptance of self.

What’s Love Got To Do With It: Identifying, Understanding and Setting Boundaries for Love

Love is the glue that holds life together. Love should be kind, patient, and generous. This workshop is designed to help young women 13-19 years old understand the forms of love, what self-love is, and how to develop healthy boundaries for love connections.  

From Latent to Leading:  Developing the Leader Within

True leadership is built, not given. When your gift is leadership, you have to hone the gift and learn the strategies for becoming an impactful and effective leader. This workshop will lead you through understanding what a TRUE leader is, how a leader can affect change in their community, and how to build your leadership platform.

From Passion to Paycheck:  Learn to make money from your passions!

Your passion should be profitable. Do what you love and make money doing it. This workshop provides the basic steps to identifying your passions, developing a plan to monetize your passion, and create a business strategy to execute your passion project.

She’s Such A Lady:  Embracing the Power of Womanhood

Your womanhood should make you happy, full, and filled with joy. Being a woman is often discussed but not explained. This workshop focuses on explaining the complexities of womanhood, how to find balance in life, learn self-care strategies, and embrace the woman you are.  

A Purpose Driven Path: Living Life with Intention

We all have a purpose to fulfill in this life. Our purpose can’t be denied, but we must know what our purpose is and how to share it with the world. This workshop is designed to help teens determine their life’s purpose, how to develop their purpose, and build a purposeful life.

Sisters of the Same Struggles & Successes

Sisterhood is the bond that holds our  girls together. The sisterhood should begin early in our community. This workshop is designed to assist  African American girls aged 13-18 years old in building bonds with other girls, breaking the spirit of competition, and celebrating the power of collaboration.