**Workshops are designed to be offered as a 4-6 week series. However, they can be condensed and offered as 1-day workshops as well. For more information on any workshop, please contact Aprill@iamaprilledwards.com**

Aprill Edwards, career coach for women

She Lives Within:  Combating Self-Esteem and Identity Issues

The girl living within you is a star. A bright, shining, star. No two stars are alike and nothing makes stars more unique than knowing that they’re a star. This workshop is designed to help women explore the layers of life that have impacted their self-esteem and work through building  a healthy self-image through self-love and acceptance of self.

She’s Such A Lady:  Embracing the Power of Womanhood

Your womanhood should make you happy, full, and filled with joy.  This workshop focuses on exploring the complexities of womanhood, how to find balance in life, learning self-care strategies, and embracing the woman you are.  

Overcoming Burnout

We see it happening everywhere around us.  Women are struggling.  Suffering.  And the fire is burning out.  In this workshop we get to the root of the issues that are wearing us down and we create plans to take our power back.  And, most importantly, we identify and implement strategies to ensure we never suffer again.

Aprill Edwards, career coach for women


The life you are living right now may be good, but not fulfilling. You want more. And, frankly, you are fed up with not having the true desires of your heart.  You are fed up with your excuses. You are fed up with feeling incomplete. In this workshop, we focus on peeling back the masks that we have been hiding behind and fully leap our into the powerful future that awaits us.

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Redefining Superwoman

The Superwoman phenomenon that many of us have grown up with is an image of womanhood that has crippled many women. It has taught us to give, give, give and then take what’s left to fulfill ourselves. This has left many women unhealthy, broken, depressed, unclear, searching, bitter, and longing for something more. In this workshop we redefine and realign our inner Superwoman so that we can tap into our power and truly soar into our purposeful futures!